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What is The Best Dehumidifier Canada Reviews in 2022

The Best Dehumidifier in Canada Reviews, Tips and Buying Guides

Are you looking for the best dehumidifier Canada has to offer? Whether you’re living in a humid climate or your home just seems constantly damp, a quality dehumidifier can make all the difference. It will be a great solution to maintain ideal indoor humidity. In addition, it also helps to reduce bacteria, insects, mold, or odor caused by the amount of water in the air.

best dehumidifier canada

However, nowadays there are too many products on the market that confuse consumers. Don’t worry, in this post, you’ll find reviews of some of the top-rated and best dehumidifier in Canada list on the market, as well as tips for choosing the right one for your needs and budget. We’ll also include a buying guide to make sure you get the most value for your money. So whether you’re looking for a small unit for a small space or something more powerful for a larger area, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more!

Top Rated Dehumidifier in Canada Compared

What Is A Dehumidifier?

Humidity is when there’s too much water vapor present in the air. That water can wind up on windows, floors, mirrors… basically everything. The amount of humidity in the air will vary depending on where you live and various other factors. For instance, higher humidity levels are typical with warmer weather or when it’s raining outside. Lower levels of humidity are considered healthy for people living in cooler weather.

Therefore, dehumidifiers are an important appliance in most homes. They help control moisture in the air, which not only makes them more comfortable but also reduces the risk of having things like mold and mildew grow in your home.

Reviews of The 11 Best Dehumidifier Canada in 2022

Here are the top-rated dehumidifiers in Canada review to buy.

Top 1. hOmeLabs Dehumidifier for Large Rooms and Basements

Best Dehumidifier Canada

hOmeLabs Dehumidifier is one of Amazon’s top-rated products for the best dehumidifier for basement canada, with over 22,000 ratings. It has a contemporary design with a lovely white color scheme that will look great in any environment. This product not only has a lovely look, but it also includes inbuilt wheels and handles for easier movement. It’s ideal for large rooms or basements because of its quick dehumidifying speed.

It can dehumidify up to 3000 square feet and remove 35 pints of water each day from the air. This appliance is Energy Star certified, ensuring quick and effective dehumidification while conserving energy. This dehumidifier also aids in the full removal of odors in the air, thanks to the built-in pump compressor. The fan accelerates from Normal Air CFM 165 to High Air CFM 188 when the Turbo mode is activated.

This setting successfully removes unwanted odors while also reducing moisture in the air. The push-button control panel on the roof makes this device even easier to use. It can be set to the right humidity level and run continuously for up to 24 hours. When the tank is filled, it will turn off automatically. The device operates silently, so you don’t have to be concerned about the noise it creates.


  • Modern and nice design
  • Inbuilt wheels and handles for easier movement
  • Dehumidify up to 3000 square feet and remove 35 pints of water
  • Quick and effective dehumidification
  • Turbo mode removes unwanted odors and moisture effectively


  • Auto defrost does not work well

Top 2. Midea MAD20C1ZWS Basement Dehumidifier

Best Dehumidifier Canada

The Midea MAD20C1ZWS Dehumidifier has a smaller capacity than the hOmeLabs Dehumidifier. As a result, it will be more suited to tiny spaces such as bedrooms or bathrooms. This gadget can change the humidity in your home from 35% to 85% to provide the optimum level of humidity. It also features a comparatively attractive white hue and a modern design with built-in wheels for easy moving.

Within 500 square feet, this machine can dehumidify and collect 20 pints of water every day. This device is also highly useful since, if you have configured this mode in advance, it can immediately restart in the case of an interruption, such as a power outage. It has a fantastic auto defrost feature that prevents ice from forming and causing damage to the machine. With a maximum noise of 51 decibels, this is likewise considered a quiet dehumidifier Canada.

Mold and bad odors can be totally caused by high humidity in the air, affecting human respiratory abilities. The Midea MAD20C1ZWS Dehumidifier is an excellent solution for maintaining appropriate humidity levels of 40 to 55 percent while also effectively removing odors. The reusable filter makes this device easy to maintain; all you have to do is clean it on a regular basis.


  • Operate quietly
  • Attractive white hue and a modern design
  • Dehumidify 500 square feet and collect 20 pints of water every day
  • Immediately restart in the case of an interruption
  • A fantastic auto defrost feature


  • The range of dehumidification is narrow and only used for small rooms

Top 3. TOSOT Quietest Dehumidifier

With an unusually wide dehumidification range, the TOSOT Dehumidifier remains the quiet dehumidifier canada. You can use it not just in the basement, but also in a large living room or bedroom. This hood, like the two previous models, has a simple, attractive, and modern design with a white color that goes with almost any room.

This product can dehumidify up to 3000 square feet and up to 35 pints of water every day, ensuring that the air quality in your house is constantly consistent. This product will automatically turn off when the water tank is full. You merely need to attach the drain hose to this automated dehumidifier; you will save time and effort because you will not be required to empty the water.

The machine’s top-mounted control panel is exceedingly simple to operate. It comes with an LED panel that shows the current humidity level, making it easier to adjust. When the required humidity level is reached, the machine can be configured to turn off. It provides a lot of power to the product while making no noise at the maximum loudness level of 50 decibels. The disadvantage of this product is that it lacks built-in wheels, making it difficult to move.


  • A simple, attractive, and modern design
  • Dehumidify up to 3000 square feet and up to 35 pints of water every day
  • No noise at the maximum loudness level of 50 decibels
  • An LED panel that shows the current humidity level
  • Easy to use


  • Not easy to move because there are no integrated wheels

Top 4. Vremi Dehumidifier for Medium Spaces

The Vremi Dehumidifier is an excellent choice if you want a vacuum with a medium-range that is neither too little nor too huge. It is ideal for medium-sized rooms and basements. It has a stunning white color scheme and a modern style. It also comes with wheels to facilitate getting from one room to another easier.

Within 1500 square feet, this product can dehumidify and remove 22 pints of water every day. Because of its low power usage and reasonably quick and efficient dehumidification, it is Energy Star certified. This device is relatively quiet, so you won’t have to be concerned about it making a lot of noise. This product has a 24-hour operation cycle and will automatically shut off when the water tank is full.

Because of its lightweight and ease of transportation, it is also known as the best portable dehumidifier Canada. You can install an additional water line to save time if you don’t want to manually fill the water after each filling. The device includes a Turbo setting that increases fan speed for more complete dehumidification.


  • Dehumidify 1500 square feet and remove 22 pints of water every day
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Reasonably quick and efficient dehumidification
  • Ideal for medium-sized rooms and basements


  • Expensive

Top 5. Waykar ‎MMTT-DE/D-480 Capacity Dehumidifier for Home

The Waykar MMTT-DE/D-480 Dehumidifier is one of Amazon’s Best Dehumidifier Canada picks. It gives just the appropriate quantity of dehumidification at a reasonable price, not too wide and not too narrow. It features the same design as the other goods described, with a modern white color scheme and a small footprint. This product is also equipped with wheels, making it easier to transport.

In temperatures below 95 degrees F, this product can dehumidify up to 2000 square feet and remove up to 35 quarts of water every day. It has the ability to change humidity from 30% to 85% with ease. It’s suitable for all areas, including bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and basements, thanks to its mild dehumidification range. The dehumidifier is exceptionally quiet and can regulate the humidity levels according to your preferences.

With its LED display and top-of-the-machine buttons, the device is very straightforward to use. The humidity of the room is displayed on the LED display while the machine is working. It can run constantly for 24 hours and save as much energy as possible in your home. When the 2.5 L water tank is full, the machine enters automatic shutdown mode. It will also turn off automatically when the set humidity is achieved. In the event of a power outage, this product will re-initialize itself.


  • Quiet operation
  • Dehumidify up to 2000 square feet and remove up to 35 quarts of water every day
  • Ability to change humidity from 30% to 85% with ease
  • Easy-to-use LED display and top-of-the-machine buttons
  • Automatic shutdown mode when water tank is full
  • Re-initialize itself in the case of a power outage


  • Plastic material is not too sturdy

Top 6. Gocheer Portable Air Dehumidifiers for High Humidity

The Gocheer Dehumidifier features a fairly elegant round shape, whereas all of the preceding goods have a square design. It has a compact design and is light in weight, making it easy to transport, however, it lacks a handle. Because of its modest dehumidification range, it is only ideal for the best portable dehumidifier canada such as bathrooms or bedrooms. The water tank is nicely hidden behind the body.

This device has a 450 square foot hygroscopic range and can successfully remove 1000 ml of water every day. The water tank has a comparatively big capacity of up to 2000 ml, which is relatively large and does not require frequent refilling. This equipment may also dehumidify continuously for up to 24 hours at a time. You don’t have to worry about installing the dehumidifier in your bedroom at night because it operates silently.

The noise level is just under 45 decibels, which is ideal for working or sleeping. Convertors with the UL certification enable efficient performance and prevent overheating. When the water tank is full, this portable dehumidifier will automatically turn off to prevent water from entering the engine area. The indication light will turn red to remind you that the water tank needs to be refilled.


  • Quiet operation
  • Dehumidify up to 480 square feet and remove up to 1000 ml of water every day
  • Compact design and portable
  • Automatic shutdown mode when water tank is full
  • The indication light 


  • Narrow dehumidification range

Top 7. Frigidaire FFAD2233W1 Low Humidity Capacity Dehumidifier

The Frigidaire FFAD2233W1 Portable Dehumidifier is a small but effective dehumidifier. It has a white tone that is exceptionally easy to match with any environment. On the top of the machine, there are dehumidifying grooves and a built-in water tray. The water tank features a handle that makes emptying the contents simple. Although it is portable, this product does not have built-in wheels, and because of its modest weight, you must carry it every time you move.

The device has a hook on the rear where you can store the power cord when not in use. This dehumidifier will help you remove 22 liters of water each day if your room is excessively humid. It aids in the speedy and thorough drying of the room. Custom modes, such as three fan speeds, make it easy to adjust humidity and enhance your dehumidification process.

For small and medium-sized loft rooms, bedrooms, or basements, this product is ideal. When the 2-gallon water tank is filled, the machine will automatically cease running. Install a water pipe to ensure that the water in the tank is drained continuously if you want the machine to work continuously. The filter is simple to clean and maybe reused multiple times.


  • Automatic shutoff when the 2-gallon water tank is filled
  • Remove 22 liters of water each day
  • The water tank features a handle that makes emptying the contents simple
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized loft rooms, bedrooms, or basements
  • The filter is simple to clean


  • Noisy activity

Top 8. Pro Breeze Small Portable Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier is the best-selling product in the best dehumidifier category. This device is also regarded as the best small dehumidifier Canada due to its compact size and weight of less than 500g. This product is the best option if you do not have a huge home. The lightweight makes it easy to move, but the appearance isn’t really high-end.

Because of its modest size, it has a limited dehumidification range of about 150 square feet and can only remove 9 ounces of water every day. When the water tank is full, a signal light will illuminate to alert you that you need to pour water, and the machine will turn off automatically. Built-in thermo-electric cooling operates without the use of a compressor and is extremely quiet, allowing you to leave it on all night.

However, this device works best when the temperature is above 15 degrees Celsius, and the ideal operating temperature is between 59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Because this is a miniature item, it does not come with a built-in water pipe like other items. other items, which means you’ll have to pour by hand; the dehumidification process shouldn’t be constant and should take some time.


  • Quiet operation
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Remove 9 ounces of water every day
  • Automatic shutoff when the water tank is filled


  • Narrow dehumidification range
  • Cannot dehumidify with temperature below 15 degrees Celsius

Top 9. Waykar 4‎DE-MMI12-FI18 Dehumidifier for Home

4DE-MMI12-FI18 Waykar Dehumidifier is an Amazon Choice for best dehumidifier Canada, having the largest selection of dehumidifiers among the top 11 goods. This means that you can maintain the humidity in a large space, such as a living room, huge bedroom, or basement, with just one unit. Because of the incorporated handle and wheels, this product is also exceptionally easy to transfer.

This product has a dehumidification range of up to 4500 square feet and can remove up to 70 pints of water in one day in temperatures below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity can be set anywhere between 30% and 85% of the time. Because the product has four venting edges rather than the traditional upper edge, it functions efficiently and swiftly. This device, in particular, operates softly and does not produce excessive noise.

A controller with a sophisticated touch screen is located at the machine’s top, making it simple to operate. After you set the desired humidity, it will work constantly for 24 hours. When the water tank is full, this device will stop working and will automatically restart when the water tank is drained. If the water in the tank needs to be emptied manually, a water line can be added to keep the dehumidification process going.


  • 4 steam vents for quick dehumidification
  • Automatically shut off and restart when the water tank is full and empty
  • Quiet activity
  • Widest dehumidification range up to 4500 square feet
  • Ability to remove 70 pints of water per day


  • The actual amount of water removed is lower than the manufacturer’s specifications

Top 10. Yaufey 1750 Dehumidifier for Basements

The Yaufey Dehumidifier is a mid-sized dehumidifier that comes at a reasonable price. It features a dominating white tone, compact and modern appearance, similar to other dehumidifiers. For further mobility, this best dehumidifier for basement canada includes built-in wheels. It’s a medium-sized item that works well in places like bedrooms, laundry areas, and bathrooms.

This product removes 32.7 pints of water per day and has a dehumidification range of 1750 square feet. This is a powerful dehumidifier that uses very little energy. There are two fan speeds to choose from standard fan speed and turbofan speed. After each cleaning, the filter can be used again. You can also set the machine to operate for 24 hours to save time.

The sophisticated touch screen at the top of the device makes it exceedingly easy to use. When the 1.6 L water tank is full, the product will automatically switch off. You can entirely install an additional water pipe so that the water is drained out more frequently so that the product continues to perform without stopping when the tank is full.


  • Removes 32.7 pints of water per day
  • A dehumidification range of 1750 square feet
  • Easy-to-use touch screen at the top
  • The standard fan speed and turbofan speed
  • When the water container is filled, turn it off immediately.


  • May leak water after a few months of use

Top 11. Hauture Portable and Compact Dehumidifier

The finished product, the Hauture Dehumidifier, has a very elegant design. It is quite small and comes second on the list for the product with the narrowest hygroscopic range. As a result, this product is best suited for use in tiny spaces like bedrooms. The product also includes brilliant LED lights that may be used to totally replace a décor.

The dehumidification range of this device is only 170 square feet, and it can only remove 20 oz of water each day. The machine operates without compressors and is fully noiseless thanks to the built-in thermo-electrical cooling technology. Because the noise level is below 33dB, you can use it in your bedroom or office without being disturbed.

This dehumidifier is unique in that it features a defrost function, allowing it to function at temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius when conventional dehumidifiers can only function at temperatures over 15 degrees. When the water container is filled, turn it off immediately. It also contains a red signal light that indicates when the tank needs to be emptied. However, because the tank is small and does not have a built-in faucet, you’ll have to manually fill it.


  • Elegant design
  • Built-in thermo-electrical cooling technology
  • The noise level is below 33dB
  • Function at temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius
  • Automatically shut off when the water tank is full


  • Not have a built-in faucet
  • Narrow dehumidification range

What Types Of Dehumidifier

The main types of the best dehumidifier canada include thermoelectric, desiccant, refrigeration and adsorption.

Thermoelectric dehumidifiers

The thermoelectric dehumidifier works by using a Peltier Element to extract moisture from the air as it passes over the cold side of the element. Thermoelectric dehumidifiers are typically small and inexpensive, making them an attractive option for homeowners looking to reduce humidity in their homes. The main issue with this type is that they don’t work well under colder conditions and tend to be noisier than other types since they have fans for cooling purposes.

Desiccant dehumidifiers

Desiccant dehumidifiers use materials such as Silica Gel or Zeolite that pull moisture from the surrounding air. These types of dehumidifiers are more affected by cold than thermoelectric types and work best in warmer conditions. They do however tend to be better at regulating humidity levels over time, especially if there is less moisture in the air already.

Refrigeration dehumidifiers

Refrigerative dehumidifiers use compression technology similar to that of your refrigerator or freezer to remove moisture from the air. These types of dehumidifiers are typically able to handle higher humidity levels than other types, making them good for areas with high humidity, like bathrooms and washing rooms. The downside is that they need a lot of power (a compressor) which results in increased energy consumption.

Adsorption dehumidifiers

Adsorption dehumidifiers use an activated carbon absorption material that absorbs water from the air. These types of dehumidifiers are typically small and portable, making them ideal for overnight or mobile use in damp areas like basements and boats, but they tend to work best when humidity levels aren’t too high. The downside is that they do need regular maintenance in order to avoid the risk of mold growth around the activated carbon.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Dehumidifier Canada

When it comes time to buy the best dehumidifier in Canada for your home, you should take into account several factors.

Size of room 

The size of your space will determine what type of dehumidifier you need to purchase. Unlike other appliances in your house, not all types are interchangeable. You can’t simply interchange a 30-pound dryer with a 50-pound washer or vice versa because they have different wattage requirements and cannot handle the same amount of water. The size of your room will determine how often you need to empty your dehumidifier and what size reservoir it requires.


If you are busy during the day, a timer is a great way to save energy and worry less about turning off your dehumidifier when not home. Although most dehumidifiers come with an automatic shut-off feature, if you want to guarantee that mold won’t grow in your unit or that electricity isn’t wasted, a timer is the best option for saving extra money on energy bills and safeguarding your appliance from potential problems.

Drainage System 

Since no one wants to manually empty the water of their dehumidifier every day, the next best option is a drainage system. This way you don’t have to worry about emptying those reservoirs yourself and can simply attach it to your sink or hose outside and let the water drain as it collects in the dehumidifier.

Moisture Removal 

You don’t necessarily need a dehumidifier that has all the bells and whistles, but you should consider taking into account their individual moisture removal level per hour (MRPH). The higher the number is, the better chance there is that there will be an improvement in air quality within your home after use. 

For example, if you live near bodies of water such as rivers or lakes where humidity levels tend to be high most of the time, you will need a dehumidifier with higher humidity removal per hour to make sure there is no risk of mold and mildew growth.

Energy Efficiency 

Finally, when choosing the right dehumidifier for your home, look into energy efficiency. Just like other appliances in your home, it’s important that you choose an appliance that doesn’t come at too much of a cost to you financially. Look for products that have an Energy Star label because this means they are not only efficient but have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Advantages of The best dehumidifier canada

A dehumidifier reduces humidity levels throughout the house, which can have a number of benefits, including:

Reducing allergies

When there is too much moisture in the air, it holds onto particles that go into our lungs when we breathe. Some of this dust can cause allergies that lead to asthma attacks. By reducing humidity levels in the home through the use of the best dehumidifier canada, those with allergies have fewer pollutants attacking their bodies on a daily basis. In addition, they will experience reduced water damage in their home, which can save money and effort in the long run.

Fewer bacteria and viruses

Mold spores come from mold, which thrives when it has moisture to grow off of. By removing humidity from the air, there is less chance for mold to develop and spread throughout homes. 

Greater energy efficiency

Since dehumidifiers take that excess moisture out of the air and remove it from your home, you will have less humidity to cool and heat throughout the year. This means you will be more energy efficient with your cooling and heating units, which can lead to big savings on your monthly bill.

Fewer insects

Excessive moisture in the air attracts insects like roaches and mosquitoes, which is one of many reasons why dehumidifiers are such a great option for people living in humid climates. Insects infest areas where water pools and conducts electricity easily — added moisture makes this even easier since there is no place for bugs to escape once they enter inside homes.

How To Use An Dehumidifier Step By Step?

The following steps will help you use your dehumidifier at home without any major complications.

Step 1. Locate an appropriate location for your device – near the water source if possible. Remove furniture if necessary, especially heavy pieces that may damage your machine during operation.

Step 2. Plug the device into a power socket, turn it on, and set your desired temperature. It will start working as soon as you lower the humidity level in your space to an appropriate value. 

Step 3. Allow for a full 24 hours of continuous work before assessing the efficiency of your device. Be sure to check whether the condensate collection tank is full, otherwise, you may consider moving or relocating the dehumidifier if this happens often. Empty tanks whenever possible unless they are extremely heavy and pose health risks when too full due to increased pressure from water vapors inside them.

Step 4. Clean your machine every couple of weeks. If it is too large to be moved, use brushes and vacuum cleaners to clean its exterior. Be sure to unplug the device before doing so, only after making sure it is not still wet inside.

Step 5. Store your dehumidifier in an appropriate location when not in use. Cover it with a dust-proof bag, for example.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To acquire the most valuable information about the best dehumidifier Canada, follow the commonly asked questions.

Is it best to leave the dehumidifier on all night?

Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions regarding how long or at what frequency you should run your dehumidifier throughout the day – including whether it’s best to leave it on all night long. The truth is that not only does leaving your dehumidifier running overnight provide little benefit but it can actually cause problems within the home if left unattended for extended periods of time. We’ll talk more about why this is below, but first, let’s go over some general guidelines on when and where you should and shouldn’t use a dehumidifier.

What is the best time of day to use a dehumidifier?

Using a dehumidifier the right way will depend on what is being done. While many homeowners think it is best to use their dehumidifiers in the evening, this may not be the case. Understanding how a dehumidifier works and when it should be used will help one decide the proper time of day for using one.

A dehumidifier can lower both humidity levels and temperature inside a room. If energy consumption is an issue, then it would be best to run one during cooler hours as less energy will be required to remove moisture from warmer air. If more humidity needs to be removed from a room, such as during allergy season for those with asthma or other respiratory ailments, it would be better to run the machine through the day when humidity levels are higher.

How to maintain the quality of dehumidifiers?

Here are some tips to help keep up with the proper maintenance so that your machine stays ready for anything.

When you finish using your dehumidifier, it is important to take away any remaining water from its catch basin. Accumulated water can cause damage and rust inside the machine which will significantly decrease its life span. Be sure not to spill any water while removing it, though! This should be done after every use of the machine in order to prevent corrosion issues down the road.

Regularly clean your dehumidifier by unplugging the unit and wiping down the water reservoir with a damp cloth. This will keep long-term buildup from occurring inside of the machine, which could cause it to break down faster than expected. If you notice that there are areas on the reservoir that are difficult to remove, try using some white vinegar. Be sure that you do not let any of the liquid drips into electrical sockets or other sensitive components on or inside your dehumidifier.

If you spill any liquids near your dehumidifier, make sure to wipe away all spills immediately. Spilled liquids can run through the vents and cause damage inside of the machine. This is especially true if you are using an older dehumidifier, as they can rust or corrode very quickly around liquids that get into the electric circuitry.

Never move your dehumidifier while its compressor is running. If for some reason you have to move it, make sure to unplug it first or you could damage the electrical components. If your unit is very large and heavy, always be sure to have two people lift it instead of just one person.


The best dehumidifiers in Canada is great for your home or office if you suffer from mold, mildew, musty odors, allergies, sinus issues, and other related choice ailments during the wet and hot season. It can also help with conditions like asthma by reducing the amount of dust in the air which helps to alleviate congestion.

There are many options available on the market today so it may be hard to choose one that best suits your needs. However, we’ve sifted through all of them and have come up with our top 11 picks of the best dehumidifier Canada based on their efficiency rating according to customer reviews online. We hope this list will make things easier for you when choosing the right product. In addition, we also provide you with some very useful information such as selection criteria or tips to preserve your humidifier, to help you use the product more effectively.

We also suggest the Waykar 4 DE-MMI12-FI18 Dehumidifier, which has a lot of wonderful features. This dehumidifier has a dehumidifying range of up to 4500 square feet and performs really well. It also comes at a very reasonable price when compared to the features it offers.

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