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Top 5 Best Portable Clothes Washers

For those who spend a lot of time away from home or don’t have the room for a full-sized washer, portable models are an ideal solution. They’re compact, easy to use and save space compared to a full-size machine.

When shopping for a portable washing machine, consider capacity, energy efficiency and water conservation. Look for models that use fewer kilowatts per hour and have a lower water consumption.

1. Whirlpool Portable Washer

Whirlpool’s portable clothes washer is a great option for apartment dwellers who want to save money on electricity and water bills. It offers a range of features that rival high-end washers without sacrificing functionality.

This top-loading model has a center agitator and a PowerWash cycle that provides extra cleaning action. It also has a built-in water faucet that helps prewash clothes before they go into the wash.

The agitator gives clothes a thorough, gentle clean, while the stainless steel wash basket gently guides fabrics and helps to prevent them from snagging. It also features an EasyView frameless glass lid that closes slowly and quietly.

2. GE Portable Washer

GE is one of the largest and most popular brands in America and their appliances have a lot to offer. They are renowned for their energy saving features and stain removal settings that will keep your clothes looking their best.

The GE Portable Washer is also a great choice for those who want to save space but still have the ability to wash large amounts of laundry. This machine has a 2.8 cubic foot capacity that is enough to handle all of your laundry needs.

Its electronic one-touch controls with LED lighting are easy to use, and it’s not the only impressive feature on this machine. Other notable features include a hefty sized stainless steel basket that resists rust and doesn’t chip. The GE Portable Washer is also accompanied by some of the most convenient caster wheels that make it easy to maneuver and move.

3. Lavario Non-Electric Portable Washer

The Lavario Non-Electric Portable Washer is a simple, easy-to-use, and durable device proudly made in the United States. It can be used in a bathtub, shower, kitchen sink, or anywhere you have access to water and drains.

It’s tough on dirt and gentle on delicates, and is ideal for RV living, apartment dwellers, dorms, fine fabrics & athletic wear, cloth diapers, pet blankets and more!

It uses patented power flow technology that drives water through fabric with amazing cleaning action. Only minimal arm strength is needed as gravity does the work on the down-stroke and buoyancy makes the up-stroke easy.

4. LG Portable Washer

LG is one of the top-rated brands of washers when it comes to customer satisfaction, thanks to its award-winning quality and service. Its washers require less servicing in their first year of ownership than other brands, and its portable models are known for their reliability.

This 1.6-cubic-foot washer is perfect for small apartments or homes that don’t have space for a larger washing machine. It’s loaded with features that make it convenient for everyday laundry tasks.

It has 4 wash cycles and 10 water levels for flexibility in how you wash different types of loads. There are also unique dry cycles that will help refresh fabrics and reduce wrinkles.

5. Samsung Portable Washer

If you’re looking for a compact washer that will fit into smaller spaces, the Samsung Portable Washer is an excellent option. The 4.5-cubic-foot drum capacity is enough to wash a load of laundry and can even handle bulky items like bedding.

It also comes with a self-clean option that will help keep it sanitized and free of bacteria. It will also notify you about every 40 cycles to let you know it’s time for a cleaning.

This washer also features a high RPM, which allows for faster spin cycles and a spin-dry feature that removes excess water. This is helpful for when you’re trying to dry your clothes quickly, which can be an issue with some compact washers.

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