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The 10 Best Waffle Makers Canada Buying Guides

The Best Waffle Makers in Canada for 2022

Are you in the market for the best waffle makers Canada? Are you a waffle lover? Do you enjoy the crispy, delicious, and often fluffy treat? If so, you’ll want to invest in one of the best waffle makers on the market. Not all waffle makers are created equal – some make better waffles than others. So, how do you know which one is right for you? 

Best Waffle Makers Canada
Waffle Makers in Canada

If you’re like most Canadians, then you love a good waffle. Read on for our reviews of the best waffle makers in Canada, plus tips on how to buy and use them. With so many different options on the market, it can be tricky to figure out which one is right for your needs – but we’re here to help! Our expert team has tested all of the major brands and models, so we can help you find the perfect machine for making fluffy, golden-brown waffles every time. Whether you’re in the market for a Belgian or traditional style maker, we can help! Stay tuned for our top picks.

What Is A Waffle Maker?

A waffle maker is a small appliance used to cook breakfast or dessert in the shape of a waffle. A typical waffle maker bakes small, thin rectangular pieces of batter in two separate sections with an internal pattern of open slots which cooks the batter and forms pockets around it. Since little bits are trapped within each compartment, they’re able to be lifted out easily for quick removal – typically using either tongs or a fork.

The average cooking time for one side is about five minutes once the device has heated up. There’s also an option that lets people choose between having their waffles well-done or lightly browned, although this entails an increase in cooking time. Waffle makers may make all of the different items aside from traditional round waffles, too – some are capable of making tortillas or deep dish pizza.

Reviews of The 10 Best Waffle Makers Canada on Amazon in 2022

Here are the top-rated Belgian Waffle Maker Canada to buy.

Top 1. Cuisinart ‎WAF-F20P1 Belgian Waffle Maker

Best Waffle Makers Canada
Cuisinart ‎WAF-F20P1

Product: https://www.amazon.ca/Cuisinart-WAF-F20-Double-Belgian-Stainless/dp/B01IA3HJGG?th=1

The Cuisinart WAF-F20P1 Waffle Maker is one of the Amazon Choices for the best belgian waffle maker canada. The product’s simple design and ease of use have won over more than 12,000 customers. It’s made of stainless steel, which is extremely tough and durable. It is large enough to suit the demands of your family while taking up minimal space in your kitchen, making it ideal for cooking delicious waffles for the whole family.

This equipment allows you to make two types of crisp, spongy, and multicolored Belgian waffles. This appliance has six browning settings for the crust to meet the needs of the most discerning users in order to obtain such a stunning hue. Because the plates’ surfaces are completely non-stick, the cake may be easily removed once cooked, making cleanup a breeze.

This waffle maker in particular boasts a massive 1400 watt capacity, allowing for faster baking periods than ever before. Two LED-ready indications show when to start baking and three beeps indicate when it’s done on this best waffle maker Canada with detachable plates. It allows you to make two cakes at the same time, which saves you time.


  • Stainless steel material with good anti-stick properties
  • Make Belgian waffles that have the right amount of crunch, sponginess, and color
  • For the crust, there are six browning options
  • Up to 1400 watts of powerful power
  • 2 ready indicators with LEDs
  • Make two cakes at the same time to save time


  • Dented plastic covers and pins are common

Top 2. National Presto 3510 Belgian Waffle Maker

Best Waffle Makers Canada
National Presto 3510

Product: https://www.amazon.ca/National-Presto-3510-FlipSide-Belgian/dp/B000TYBWIG

The National Presto 3510 is a belgian waffle maker with over 20,000 positive Amazon reviews. This item is large enough to make one breakfast serving per person, measuring 28.6 x 29.8 x 10.2 cm. You may store the appliance upright to make the most of your kitchen counter space. Stainless steel construction with two robust plates. The carefully built base allows for easy rotation when grilling and features a vertical locking function.

You can simply make Belgian waffles 7 inches in diameter with four slices with this machine. However, you can only prepare one cake at a time using this equipment. The deep grooves allow more dough to be poured and better shaped. When closed, the product features a groove around it to prevent powder from leaking out. Because the interior is glazed with porcelain, it has excellent anti-stick properties and is also very easy to clean.

With this best waffle makers canada, you can flip cakes to 180 degrees for a crispy outside and a lovely golden brown crust, as well as a pleasantly soft and fluffy inside. It also has a countdown timer with a signal light that turns on when the timer runs out. In addition, the device comes with a plastic handle that makes rotating the goods a breeze.


  • Can be stored vertically so you can maximize the kitchen counter space
  • Durable stainless steel material with 2 sturdy plates
  • The base has the function of locking in the vertical position
  • The interior is glazed with porcelain, so the anti-stick ability is extremely good
  • Can flip up to 180 degrees
  • Includes countdown timer with signal light


  • Unstable thin plastic locking hinge

Top 3. KRUPS ‎601966-GQ502YA Belgian Waffle Maker

Product: https://www.amazon.ca/Adjustable-Temperature-Belgian-Removable-4-Slice/dp/B01FYIAQA6/

The KRUPS 601966-GQ502YA Waffle Maker is one of the best belgian waffle makers canada has to offer at a low price, and it has a lot of positive Amazon ratings. This is still a square-shaped appliance that can make four waffles at once, making breakfast even more efficient. The stainless steel lid is easy to wipe with a warm towel.

The waffle has a delicate and spongy feel thanks to a smart steam release technique in this 4-slice waffle maker. Baking with eggs, sausages, or berries is no longer an issue thanks to the plates’ deep grooves. The five crust color options allow you to completely personalize the crust color to your liking. All that’s left to do now is pour the dough into the mold, make any required corrections, and wait for the finished result to appear.

This waffle maker’s large handle allows you to pick up a plate without being burned. It’s also quite easy to use, with a knob for adjusting the browning stages of the crust. The plates are nonstick, so cake batter won’t stick to them, and they’re dishwasher safe, so you can save time cleaning them. It has two indicator lights: a red light that shows the cake is cooking and a green light that signals the cake has finished cooking. A beep will sound at the conclusion of the process to remind you.


  • Reasonable price
  • Stainless steel material for a long-lasting
  • Bake 4 waffles at once
  • The special steam release system
  • Five different colors settings for crust waffle
  • Dishwasher safe and non-stick plates
  • Two indicator lights are present


  • After a period of use, the non-stick coating is easy to peel off

Top 4. Breville BREBWM640XL Waffle Maker

product: https://www.amazon.ca/Breville-BREBWM640XL-Slice-Waffle-silver/dp/B00F5C1QK6/

Breville is a well-known kitchen equipment business with the mission of inspiring people to enjoy cooking at home by utilizing its own equipment. The Breville BREBWM640XL Waffle Maker is a huge appliance that can rapidly handle the waffle needs of your entire family. This waffle maker has a huge box form with a durable and beautiful stainless steel finish that is incredibly easy to clean, measuring 40 x 22.4 x 47 cm.

This huge waffle maker can create four waffles at once. Two plates with outstanding non-stick properties make it easier to remove the dough from the mold and clean it. An overflowing powder tray ensures that no messes, such as sticky sets on the body, occur. This product’s disadvantage is its enormous size, which should not take up a lot of room, but it includes a lot of other useful features.

One of the best waffle makes Canada offers a Smart Auto Dial feature that works with a variety of waffle styles, including Classic, Chocolate, Belgian, and Buttermilk, as well as several customizing choices. With 12 distinct settings, you may effortlessly regulate the crispiness or color of the crust from light to dark. You won’t have to worry about the waffles being floppy or unevenly cooked because the heat on the plates is equally spread.


  • Make 4 waffles in one baking
  • Two Plates with superior non-stick ability
  • Tray overflowing powder
  • Smart Auto Dial
  • 12 different settings for the color of the crust
  • Heat on the plates is evenly distributed


  • Large size and does not save space

Top 5. BLACK+DECKER ‎G48TD Waffle Maker

Product: https://www.amazon.ca/DECKER-Nonstick-Reversible-Stainless-G48TD/dp/B000063XH7/

The BLACK+DECKER G48TD Waffle Maker is one of the most economical products on our list, but it is also one of the most flexible. It has the same square box shape as the Breville BREBWM640XL, but it is smaller. Stainless steel is used for housing, which is both sturdy and easy to clean. It comes with four solid plastic bases that provide considerable movement resistance.

Four people can be served on the 8×8 inch cooking surface. A 3-in-1 machine is a name given to this product. Different types of plates are included in the offering, including slotted and flat plates. The slotted type may be used to make excellent waffles, while the other can be used to crisp up your sandwiches. Furthermore, because its margin can be opened up to 180 degrees, you can utilize it to produce a highly useful pan.

It is deserving of being named one of the best waffle makers Canada because of its versatility. The plates feature excellent non-stick properties, making them ideal for both cooking and washing. It also features a groove around it that prevents the dough from overflowing when creating waffles and conveniently catches extra oil when frying eggs or bacon. The operation is also quite straightforward; all you have to do is adjust the temperature knob from high to low to suit your needs.


  • Multi-function like making waffles, pressing sandwiches, or frying bacon
  • Includes different plates
  • Its hinge can open 180 degrees
  • All plates have perfect non-stick ability
  • An extremely convenient surround groove


  • Not have an edge, so it’s hard to flip

Top 6. BLACK+DECKER ‎WMD200B Waffle Maker

product: https://www.amazon.ca/BLACK-DECKER-Rotating-Waffle-WMD200B/dp/B00UH1Z2OG/re?th=1

The BLACK+DECKER WMD200B is a stylish and functional waffle maker for personal use. It boasts a sleek and durable black exterior, despite being made of plastic. It is quite easy to clean and has a nice appearance. When rotating or opening the plates, the cool touch handle ensures adequate insulation. This device also boasts a small design that will help you make the most of your kitchen counter space.

This waffle maker includes a built-in dual cooking plate that allows you to bake twice as much cake in one batch. This product also includes a rotating system that allows the cake to cook more evenly and with better color. The ideal non-stick plates make removing the dough from the mold and cleaning it much easier.

The mesh surfaces, in particular, are quite deep, resulting in thicker and more delectable waffles. A safety lock is also integrated into the product, which locks the dough in place during rotation or flipping. It also contains a temperature meter that tells you when your waffle is ready to eat.


  • Very nice design
  • The outer shell is glossy and solid black
  • The cool-touch handle ensures good insulation
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Dual cooking plate
  • Perfect non-stick plates
  • Safety lock keeps dough in place


  • The thickness of the sections connecting the quarters is so thin that the waffle breaks easily into four pieces

Top 7. CucinaPro ‎220-05NS Pizzelle Maker

product: https://www.amazon.ca/CucinaPro-220-05NS-Non-Stick-Pizzelle-Baker/dp/B000I1QJ06/?th=1

CucinaPro is known for producing high-quality kitchen equipment that enhances the cooking process, and the 220-05NS Waffle Maker is one of the best waffle makers in Canada has to offer, with a unique design. It has a very sleek and solid appearance. Stainless steel is a moderately durable material that makes it easy to clean the product’s surface.

Although this is not a waffle maker, it can produce great waffles. This gadget is unique in that it can produce exquisite Pizzelles in a matter of minutes. The great non-stick surface makes it easy to remove the cake from the mold and clean it.

Not only does the high-quality inside generate excellent waffles and Pizzelles, but it also has a very appealing appearance. However, the waffle produced by this machine is a little thin and lacks the proper thickness of traditional waffles. It also lacks a groove for excess powder, making it a little less convenient than typical offerings.


  • Stainless steel material is relatively durable
  • Easier to clean the product surface
  • Excellent non-stick surface
  • Make 2 cakes at once


  • No groove for spilled powder
  • Create Waffles with a thinner texture than traditional

Top 8. Chefman ‎1C0AJ Waffle Maker

Product: https://www.amazon.ca/Chefman-Anti-Overflow-Maker-Waffle-Measuring/dp/B07L4Z2X81?th=1

The Chefman 1C0AJ Waffle Maker has nearly 11,000 Amazon ratings, making it the best waffle iron Canada. This item is not only affordable, but it also comes in a variety of colors. Stainless steel is a material that is long-lasting, safe, and easy to clean. The unique feature of this product is a groove around the periphery that gathers any excess powder, preventing it from overflowing or leaking.

It can bake a cake at a time, just like other round goods, but it has the advantage of allowing you to manage the browning of the waffle shell. This waffle maker offers seven browning settings for the waffle crust, whereas other waffle makers only have six. It has a non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean and prevents the dough from sticking.

It may also be stored vertically and upright, saving a lot of room. Furthermore, all you need to wipe the outside is a warm cloth. It also comes with a measuring cup, so you can easily make the perfect waffle.


  • Various hues are available
  • Low cost
  • The powder does not spill or seep out because of a groove around it
  • Waffle crust can be browned in seven different ways
  • It may also be stored vertically, which saves a lot of space
  • A measuring cup is included


  • There isn’t any sound
  • Because gas is escaping from the handle mechanism, the risk of steam burns is higher than usual

Top 9. CucinaPro ‎1475 Non Stick Waffle Maker

product: https://www.amazon.ca/CucinaPro-1475-Classic-Heart-Waffler/dp/B002HWS7CC/

CucinaPro 1475 Waffle Maker is a product with a one-of-a-kind waffle mold. The case is composed of stainless steel, making it very easy to clean with just a warm towel. It has a simple design that isn’t as complicated as other rotating and flipping devices. A heat-resistant hinge and handle are included in this device.

You can produce a 7-inch round waffle cake and 5 heart-shaped waffles in one baking session with this gadget. Cleaning the waffle iron with non-stick mesh panels is a breeze, and it successfully prevents waffles from adhering. You can also have peace of mind when using this product because it does not contain PFOA.

This best waffle iron canada is also quite popular due to the unusual heart-shaped waffle tray design. Everyone wants to bake a lovely and meaningful cake for someone they care about. This product is also highly user-friendly. The knob on the hinge allows you to adjust the crust’s browning. It also includes a built-in beacon that indicates the machine’s status.


  • Includes effective heat-resistant handle
  • Makes 7 inches round waffles and 5 heart-shaped waffles
  • The non-stick mesh panels are extremely handy
  • PFOA free


  • Unstable hinge

Top 10. Dash ‎DMW001RD Mini Waffle Machine

Product: https://www.amazon.ca/Dash-Mini-Maker-Individual-Breakfast/dp/B010TCP3SC/

Dash DMW001RD Waffle Maker is a great small appliance for one or two people. With dimensions of 16.3 x 12.7 x 7.1 millimeters, this waffle maker is exceptionally compact and saves the kitchen counter space. You can produce a number of cakes with this machine, including paninis, biscuit pizzas, and hash browns. You may acquire a tiny device in a variety of colors for an extremely low price.

It is relatively light and extremely easy for you to take whether traveling or camping. Simply plug it in and let it warm up for a few minutes before pouring the dough into the mold and waiting. The heat on the plates is carefully distributed to ensure that the cake cooks evenly and does not burn in spots. The plates have a high-quality non-stick coating that makes cleaning a breeze. It is the ideal one of the best mini waffle makers Canada to gift to your loved ones on special occasions because of its compact and lovely design.


  • Compact and maximizes kitchen counter space
  • Diverse choice of colors
  • It is quite light and extremely convenient to carry
  • The heat on the plates is quite even to ensure even baking
  • Premium non-stick coating


  • The style isn’t excessively opulent

Best Waffle Makers Canada: Buying Guides

Best Waffle Makers Canada

There are various things to consider when buying the best waffle makers in Canada. Here are some pointers to assist you in locating the greatest one for your requirements:

#1. Decide between buying a Belgian or standard-sized unit

Belgium has been known as the home of this type of best belgian waffle maker canada. It’s larger than its American counterpart which makes each piece perfect for holding lots of syrup, whipped cream, fruit, and other toppings! If you’re only making waffles for yourself, make them Belgian-style. On the other hand, if you have a family to serve or love sharing with your friends and neighbors, opt for a standard-sized model.

#2. Go corded or cordless

If you want convenience and flexibility when baking your waffles, get a model that lets you plug in anywhere. However, appliances that don’t use cords tend to be more energy-efficient since they’re smarter about preserving battery life. Unlike their counterparts which often guzzle electricity, cordless models are friendly to the environment while producing no pollutants/harmful gases into the air!

#3. Think about timing settings

Some models have timers so you can wake up to freshly baked waffles even on the weekends! If you want a single waffle right away, make sure your unit has a “ready” light. Those whose timers go off can keep their batter warm until you’re ready to dispense them into the plates. They come in handy when cooking for a crowd and don’t forget that they’re an energy-efficient feature, too!

#4. Go for adjustable settings

If your dream is to cook restaurant-worthy waffles at home, simply adjust your machine’s settings! You can use buttons or knobs to choose your preferred browning level so all of your waffles turn out perfectly golden-brown no matter what kind of batter you drop inside them. On another note, using nonstick plates makes cleaning up easier.

#5. Think about how much space you have

Consider the available countertop space in your kitchen. If you don’t have enough room for large appliances or just want to save money on your electric bill, go with cordless models which are smaller than their plug-in counterparts! Waffle makers can occupy a lot of space so it’s best to look around and see what works best for your home before buying the best waffle makers canada. After all, no matter what kind of unit you choose, cooking up breakfast never tasted this good.

#6. Think about brands

The best belgian waffle maker brands include Tefal Cuisinart, Krups, Breville, Proctor Silex, Calphalon Hamilton Beach, Black & Decker, GE Monogram models. These waffle makers offer various features such as adjustable heat settings, cooking times, and power options, may also have non-stick plates.

What Types Of The Waffle Makers on The Market?

Best Waffle Makers Canada
Best Waffle Makers Canada

Nowadays, waffle makers come in various designs and styles. It is very important to know what type you need to buy as it varies from the traditional Belgian style to the standard one. There are also those that make heart-shaped or square waffles.

  1. Traditional Belgian Waffle Maker

This is a round model with deep pockets and thick plates that can be rotated 360 degrees for even cooking on both sides.

2. Standard Waffle Maker

This is also called a regular waffle maker, which makes waffles with deep pockets and thick grids; however, this model doesn’t have a rotary feature. You just have to move the cooked part outside of the grids manually during/ after cooking so that it will evenly heat back.

3. Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

This is a great tool for Valentine’s Day, but you can use it any day of the year. It makes heart-shaped waffles with deep pockets and thin grids so that they are crispy on the outside yet still soft inside.

4. Square Waffle Maker

You might be surprised to see this model because the majority of people prefer circular waffles to square ones; however, if you want your breakfast to look more presentable, then this item is perfect for you.

5. Waffle Cone Maker

This product is very useful for ice cream shops or diners that sell ice cream in cones, but it also works well with w paper or cone cups. The waffle gets cooked in a cone shape with shallow pockets and thick grids. You can fill them up with different flavors or just serve them as they are.

Advantages of The Waffle Makers

There are several reasons why one should invest in the best waffle makers canada. Some may sound trivial, but if you try them, you will understand their value. These advantages include:

1). Inexpensive

Many types of waffle makers can be found at a variety of price points, from as little as $15 to upwards of $100. Therefore those who desire a good quality product without splurging on something extravagant have many options available to them.

2). Customization and Variety

Much like traditional pancake makers or grills, waffle makers come in a wide range of designs and feature different functions, and purchasing one will allow the user to choose his/her own preferred method for preparing waffles. Furthermore, the many variations provide the consumer with different cooking abilities, such as double-sided cooking or cooking controls by weight (grams). This guarantees everyone’s personal preferences will be met when enjoying breakfast each morning.

3). Low mess and ease of use

Since there are many types of waffle makers available, consumers will be able to find the one that personally suits them best. Some models may include plates that can easily be removed and cleaned after each use whereas others may feature a non-stick surface for easy cleaning. 

This will also determine how much effort is required for preparing breakfast in the morning; some waffle makers may require more work than others, but they typically provide a greater amount of control over what goes into the finished product (including nutrition). Therefore the extra time it takes to prepare might be compensated by cooking fresh waffles instead of using frozen ones or cranking out low-quality versions with poor taste and texture.

4). Multifunctionality

In today’s fast-paced world, most individuals simply do not have the time to prepare an extravagant breakfast every morning. Waffle makers provide a great way to make a quick and healthy meal in a snap. For those who desire even faster breakfasts waffles can easily be prepared the night before and kept in the refrigerator for easy reheating when waking up.   This is an excellent way to cut down on morning rush hour by preparing as much as possible the night before.

5). Increase Satiety

Many waffle makers feature deep grooves which allow batter or fruit fillings to settle inside of them during cooking, resulting in a bulky exterior piece that helps increase satiety after eating it. Thus if consumers feel as though their breakfasts are not filling enough, it might be due to the fact that they do not have a waffle maker and thus require extra food (to compensate for the lack of bulk) which is an unnecessary expenditure.

6). A Healthy Breakfast Alternative

Many individuals who wish to lead healthier lifestyles often find themselves craving breakfast foods such as pancakes or waffles because they offer a simple way of being able to include healthy food items into the diet. Fresh fruit toppings provide antioxidants and other essential vitamins while whole grain flours offer fiber which can help aid digestion over time. Furthermore, some recipes use ingredients such as protein powder, yogurt, or milk which will enhance overall nutrition levels breakfast without requiring more effort on behalf of the consumer than simply preparing the batter.

7). Decrease Fat Intake

For individuals who are watching their fat intake, it is extremely easy to make waffles without butter or oil since most recipes require only adding ingredients into a bowl and stirring them together before pouring them onto a hot waffle maker (which eliminates the need for extra dishes). Furthermore, whole wheat flour (or other grain-based flour) can be used in many recipes which will further reduce fat intake when making breakfast items such as waffles. 

What You Can Do With A Waffle Maker?

Best Waffle Makers Canada

A waffle machine is a great appliance to have in your home. It can be used for many delicious dishes like:

1). Stuffed waffles

Waffle makers are great for making stuffed waffles. This is because of the grid-like structure created by the ridges on top of it. You can stuff your favorite filling between two of its equally-sized plates attached together with hinges, and close them so you get an even, flat surface to work with. Not only that, but the space in between each plate will also help cook that stuffing! A popular version of stuffed waffles has got to be grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Make some buttered bread just like how you normally would for a sandwich, then place some shredded cheese on both sides and cover it with another slice of butter bread once done heating up the waffle maker’s plates. Shut it closed and then wait until the cheese melts before eating it.

How to make

2). Pancakes

Waffle makers can also be used to make pancakes! And if you’re using an electric waffle maker, then all you need to do is pour in your pancake batter, close its door shut, and press a button so it will start cooking. This way of making pancakes are more compact than pan-frying them on top of a stove for several minutes because electric wafflers heat up very quickly. Plus, they won’t eat up time because there’s no flipping needed since the two plates attached with hinges together form one flat surface that cooks evenly.

How to make

3). Pizza pockets

Pizza pockets are essentially smaller pizzas contained inside bread made bigger through folding. If you want to make pizza pockets more quickly, you can use a waffle maker instead. This way, the bread will form its own crust as it cooks along with the cheese, sauce, and other toppings inside of it. And because waffles are made out of dough anyway, this means they’ll taste more like actual pizzas!

Easy Pizza Pockets Recipe

4). Waffled bacon

Who says that you have to fry or bake bacon? You can also cook it in a waffle maker! All you need to do is place some strips of raw bacon between two of its plates attached together with hinges, and wait until all sides are evenly cooked before eating. The ridges on the plates will cause the strips of bacon to curl up so they’ll fit perfectly. This method is great if you want your breakfast to be quick and easy without having to monitor the stovetop every few minutes.

FAQs on Best Waffle Makers in Canada

To acquire the most valuable information, follow the commonly asked questions about the best waffle makers Canada.

  1. Do I need to use oil on the cooking surfaces?

No, many manufacturers recommend that you don’t use oil or other lubricants when cooking waffles in a waffle maker. The oil can build up and prevent the waffle from cooking properly.

2. How do I clean the cooking surfaces?

The manufacturer will typically recommend that you wipe them down with a paper towel, however, sometimes they are dishwasher safe. It really depends on your specific model though so check to be sure.

3. What is the best way to store my waffle maker?

Always store the unit with the lid closed to prevent dust and other contaminants from getting into it, or any moisture that could damage the electrical components. It’s also best not to let it sit on any surface especially if that surface is uneven since this can cause damage to the exterior of the unit as well as put undue stress on the hinges.

4. What are the waffles made out of?

The most common materials are all-purpose flour, sugar, eggs, butter or oil, and milk. Some recipes call for yeast or baking powder to be added as well. You can also add some spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg (or even pumpkin spice) once the batter has been mixed together.


Waffle makers are a fun and delicious way to make breakfast or brunch for your friends and family. We’ve compiled the best waffle makers in Canada from consumers so that you can find the perfect machine for your needs. Whether you want a traditional waffle maker with deep pockets or something more innovative like a double-sided Belgian waffle maker, we’ve got you covered.

All in all, the best waffle iron canada for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Hopefully, this article has helped you narrow down the field a bit and given you some factors to consider as you make your decision. 

In particular, BLACK+DECKER ‎G48TD is the best product in the list of the best waffle makers Canada that we mentioned. At an extremely affordable price, you can own a versatile product with 3 in one great feature. It can serve you more dishes than a Waffle. Also, if you are looking for the best Belgian waffle maker Canada, don’t miss the Cuisinart ‎WAF-F20P1 Waffle Maker with its extremely convenient 2 plates design!

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