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What is The Best Knife Block Set Canada in 2023

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The Best Knife Block Set in Canada Reviews, Tips, and Buying Guides

Are you in the market for the best knife block set Canada? If so, you may be wondering what the best option is. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of different types of knife block sets, as well as highlight some of the best options on the market. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the right set for your needs. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cook, read on for information that will help you make an informed decision about your next kitchen purchase.

Best Knife Block Set Canada

The knife block set is a must-have in any kitchen. Whether you’re a professional chef or just starting out, a knife block set will help you keep your knives sharp and organized. But with so many different sets on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Please refer to this article carefully because we have all the information you need. Read and choose the best knife block set in Canada right now!

Top Rated Knife Block Set Canada Compared

What Is A Knife Block Set?

A knife block set is a collection of kitchen knives, cutlery, or utensils that are stored in a fitted container with slots for each individual piece. Knife sets can be composed of an assortment of knives, sometimes including tools for specific tasks like carving, but oftentimes it’s just an expensive way to purchase several otherwise-unneeded knives.

Knife with block sets are made to fit into a knife holder, but the set may not always match the color or style of the holder. Knife blade styles vary greatly, and both color and design must be considered when shopping for a knife block set.

Top Picks of The 10 Best Knife Block Set Canada in 2023

Here are the top-rated knife block sets in Canada Reviews to buy.

Top 1. Henckels ‎13550-012 Knife Block Set (Chef Knife, Knife Sharpener, Bread Knife, Steak Knife Set)

Henckels is a multinational brand that was formed in 1895 and has a reputation for producing high-quality kitchen products. This brand’s kitchen products are always designed to ensure durability, optimal design, and convenience of use. As a result, when seeking high-quality kitchen block sets, the Henckels 13550-012 Knife Block Set will be an excellent choice.

This block set comes with 12 pieces, all of which are made of high-quality stainless steel blades. You might have a knife set that is both gleaming and razor-sharp thanks to many thorough honing processes. The blade’s one-piece stamped design ensures long-term durability. The block set includes a variety of knives to meet a variety of kitchen needs while maintaining lightweight and ease of use.

Traditional triple-rivet handles are contoured with soft edges to make them comfortable to hold and manipulate for the user. It’s made of a firm plastic material that’s been roughened to keep it from slipping in your hands. A knife sharpener is included in the box to keep your knives gleaming and sharp. With its wood texture and imprinted branding, the Hardwood Block is highly attractive. Your kitchen will never be crowded again if you use this block.

Block set includes

  • 3″ Paring Knife
  • 7″ Santoku Knife Hollow Edge
  • 8″ Chef’s Knife
  • 8″ Bread Knife
  • Six 4.5″ Steak Knife
  • Sharpening Steel
  • Hardwood Block


  • Include 12 pieces
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel blades
  • Sharp and durable blade’s one-piece
  • Easy-to-hold traditional triple-rivet handles
  • Nice Hardwood Block


  • Scissors are not included

Top 2. Cuisinart C77BTR-15P Cutlery Block Set

Conair Corporation owns the Cuisinart brand of household appliances in the United States. The company was created in 1971 and focuses on offering quality home appliances to the market, ranging from electrical equipment to simple goods like knives. As a result of the brand’s reputation, the quality of the Cuisinart C77BTR-15P Knife Block Set will not disappoint you.

Overall, it has a design that is very similar to Henckels 13550-012, but it is more practical because it contains 15 components. This item includes extra multi-function scissors to help you chop your food faster. Woodblock features a gorgeous wood grain pattern and is modern and elegant. It also helps your kitchen look cleaner than it has in the past. A sharpener is also included in this package to keep your blades sharp and glossy.

All of the knives are of excellent quality, as they are manufactured of superior high-carbon stainless steel for long-term durability and precision. The knives are highly varied, yet they are all sharp and crafted with a gleaming finish. It can be used to cut vegetables, meat, or steaks into precise slices without breaking or crushing them. Three sturdy nails secure the durable plastic handle. The edges are also rounded and relatively light, allowing the user to hold it comfortably.

Block set includes

  • 8″ chef
  • 8″ slicing
  • 7″ Santoku
  • 5.5″ Serrated Utility
  • 3.5″ Paring
  • 2.75″ Bird’s beak Paring knives
  • Six 4.5″ stainless steel forged steak knives
  • 8″ sharpening steel
  • All-purpose shears
  • Woodblock for storage


  • Include 15 pieces
  • A variety of choices
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel blades
  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Easy-to-hold traditional triple-rivet handles
  • Nice woodblock


  • Not dishwasher safe

Top 3. Oster 92272.14 Steel Cutlery Set with Block

With 6000 stars on Amazon, the Oster 92272.14 Knife Block Set is one of the best cutlery sets Canada. If wood tones aren’t your style, this product will be a perfect alternative. The product features a black tone and a modern, minimalist block set design that works well in any kitchen. This set contains 14 parts and will be a great helper in the kitchen.

You will receive 6 razor-sharp steak knives when you purchase this set. It’s composed of high-quality stainless steel that’s been forged and honed to be razor-sharp, extremely durable, and corrosion-resistant. With this set, you can neatly handle steaks or perfectly chop vegetables or fruits. It also comes with a serrated blade, which is great for slicing cheese or bread without leaving crumbs.

The handles on all of the knives are made of die-cast aluminum. It is fairly robust and pleasant in the hand, but if you have to carry it for a long period, it becomes quite heavy. If your hands are greasy, they can be particularly slippery to grip. The extremely little black MDF block takes up very little room and keeps your kitchen neat. This set is also dishwasher safe, which means you can save a lot of time washing it.

Block set includes

  • 8” carving knife
  • 8” bread knife
  • 6.5” Santoku knife
  • 5” utility knife
  • 3.5” Paring knife
  • Sharpener
  • Scissors
  • Six 4.5” Steak knives
  • Black MDF block.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Little black MDF block takes up very little room
  • Include 14 pieces
  • Composed of high-quality stainless steel
  • Sturdy handle
  • Reasonable price


  • The handle is easy to slip
  • Heavyweight

Top 4. DDF iohEF ‎DDFGS-2020-013 Steel Knives Set with Knife Sharpener

If you are a single person or have a small family, the DDF iohEF GS-2020-013 Knife Block Set is an excellent choice. Although there are just seven products in this package, each one is of high quality, ensuring long-term durability. It’s also a smart purchase for making the most of your family’s limited kitchen space.

The blades are constructed of German stainless steel of the highest quality. The finished knife is razor-sharp, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant thanks to thorough finishing operations. The knife’s hardness can reach 58 percent, allowing you to do all of your chopping and cutting without scratching or breaking it. The blades are wonderfully curved, especially when using a serrated knife to cut bread with ease.

The blade will never fall out of the handle because it is formed into a rather strong block. It’s not too light, feels sturdy in the hand, is easy to handle, and performs cutting operations with ease. It also has a sharpener to keep your blades gleaming and sharp. With 21 knife slots, the knife block is small but delicate, allowing you to store other kitchen equipment easily.

Block set includes

  • Chef knife, Santoku knife
  • Bread knife
  • Universal knife
  • Fruit knife
  • Knife sharpener
  • Knife block 


  • Include 7 pieces 
  • 21 knife slots allow you to store another kitchen piece
  • Sturdy and easy-to-hold handle
  • Razor-sharp, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant blades


  • Scissors are not included
  • The steak knife is not included

Top 5. Ginsu KIS-KB-DS-014-4 Dishwasher Safe, Knife Block Set 

In terms of price and quality, the Ginsu KIS-KB-DS-014-4 Knife Block Set is an outstanding pick. It has a contemporary design and a black color scheme that would go with any kitchen. You can already acquire a set of 14 incredibly useful kitchen utensils for an exceptionally low price. It doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen because of its small size. This product, in particular, has three different handle colors for goods to pick from: black, purple, and red.

The blades on all of the items in this set are both sharp and polished. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel, which means it’ll last a long time. This entire set of knives features a serrated blade knife for slicing bread, the same as the other knife sets listed. As a result, the knife set is more adaptable than ever before. They’ll be a terrific way for you to manage steaks, veggies, and fruits in a neat manner.

The composite handle is comfortable to hold, light, and simple to operate. The classic black handle is appropriate for any meal or occasion. With six steak knives, this set provides enough knives for a family of six. The absence of a sharpener to maintain the blade sharp is a disadvantage of this product. Finally, because it’s dishwasher-safe, you’ll save time cleaning it.

Block set includes

  • 8” Chef
  • 8” Slicer
  • 7” Shantou
  • 5” Boning
  • 4.5” Utility
  • Six 4. 5” Steak Knives
  • 3.5” Paring
  • Premium shears 
  • Black woodblock


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comfortable-to-hold composite handle
  • Sharp and polished
  • 14 incredibly useful kitchen utensils
  • Reasonable price


  • Not conclude a sharpener

Top 6. ‎ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE W ‎WH-3108 Steel Kitchen Knives Set with Rubber Wood Block

Because the quantity of goods is just right but the price is quite inexpensive, the ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE W WH-3108 Knife Block Set is the best kitchen knife set Canada for couples or students. This product comes with eight helpful parts that are a must-have in any kitchen. The wooden box appears to be very high-end since it is made of natural rubberwood, which is incredibly sturdy and effectively protects the knife. The only drawback to this product is that it does not include a steak-cutting knife.

The blade of this product is manufactured of high-grade German stainless steel, making it simple to clean, anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, and fade resistant. The blade has been sharpened, polished, and is HRC 57 hardness. Full Tang handle is double forged for durability, heat resistance, and impact resistance. Ergonomic design allows for a better grip and slicing. This item is also dishwasher-safe, so you may wash it by hand if you want.

Block set includes

  • 8″ sharpening rod
  • 8″ chef knife
  • 8″ slicing knife
  • 8″ bread knife
  • 5″ utility knife
  • 3.5″ paring knife
  • Kitchen scissors 
  • Knife block


  • Sharpened, polished, and HRC 57 hardness blades
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Durable and heat-resistance handle
  • High-end wooden box
  • Reasonable price


  • Not include steak knife set

Top 7. Wanbasion Dishwasher Safe Kitchen Knife Set

Wanbasion Knife Block Set, which is part of a set of products with an unusually low price, will not disappoint you with its quality. While the products mentioned above all come in rectangular wooden boxes, which are extremely popular, the breakthrough Wanbasion Knife Block Set comes in a transparent acrylic case that makes it simple to observe the knife’s condition. This best knife sets canada is also a product that comes with the maximum amount of components, which is up to 16.

You can choose from four different color options for this set. This kit’s blades are composed of stainless steel, which has excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-fouling properties. The blue titanium layer is applied to the product’s surface to make it more robust, corrosion-resistant, and scratch-resistant. These goods are also razor-sharp, allowing them to cut into meat, vegetables, and fruits with ease.

The handle is comprised of a single piece of plastic with no rivets, allowing for a more comfortable grip and smoother handling. Each knife is also the perfect weight, neither too heavy nor too light, allowing for precise slicing and mincing. For speedy kitchen chores, this package also includes scissors and bread cutters.

Block set includes

  • 8″ chef knife
  • 7″ Santoku knife
  • 8″ bread knife
  • 8″ carving knife
  • 5″ utility knife
  • 3.5″ paring knife
  • Six 4.21″ steak knife
  • Knife Sharpener
  • Peeler
  • Kitchen shear
  • Acrylic block


  • Unique transparent acrylic
  • Include 16 pieces
  • Low price
  • Excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-fouling properties
  •  Sharp and polished blades


  • The blue titanium layer is easy to peel off

Top 8. AmazonBasics ‎HL-005987, 9 Piece Knife Block Set

With over 16,000 Amazon ratings, the AmazonBasics HL-005987 the best knife block set Canada. This knife set comes in a wooden block with 9 parts neatly arranged within. This block features a modern and attractive design with wood grain lines that is appropriate for any kitchen. It also doesn’t take up a lot of kitchen room and comes with four excellent anti-slip rubber feet.

Because the number of products is not excessive, this 9-piece knife set will be ideal for couples or single people. Its high quality is undeniable. For maximum longevity and hardness, the blades are manufactured of high-grade stainless steel. It’s also finely honed and razor-sharp. Serrated blades for slicing bread and recessed blades for slicing meat are examples of blade types.

This tool is also incredibly easy to use and handle when it comes to meals. The ergonomic, triple-riveted handles are incredibly durable and impact resistant. It helps to balance the knife’s weight. The absence of a steak knife and scissors is a disadvantage of this product. Furthermore, it is not dishwasher safe.

Block set includes

  • 8” chef knife
  • 7” Santoku knife
  • 8” slicing knife
  • 8” bread knife
  • 6” boning knife
  • 5” utility knife
  • 3.5” paring knife
  • 8” sharpener
  • Woodblock


  • Reasonable price
  • The durable ergonomic, triple-riveted handles
  • 9-piece knife set
  • Razor-sharp blades


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Scissors are not included
  • The steak knife is not included

Top 9. Farberware 070-08-0585 Steel Knife Block and Kitchen Tool Set

Farberware is a company that specializes in the production of cookware and kitchen equipment. Meyer Corporation bought this trademark in 1997 after it was formed in New York City in 1900. It specializes in producing extremely high-quality kitchen tools that you can trust to use. 070-08-0585 Farberware The Knife Block Set is no exception.

You can already acquire the best knife block set Canada with the most pieces in the top 10 stated items for an extraordinarily low price. Except for knives, the number of pieces increases to 22 and includes a variety of useful tools. It differs from comparable items in that it includes an additional 5 measuring spoons and 3 spatulas. However, the sharpener is missing from this package of products.

There is no debate about the quality of knives from this best-selling brand in America. Because they are created in a thoroughly regulated process, the blades are extremely sharp and versatile. It’s easy to handle food because of the excellent stainless steel and micro-serrated structure. When holding the non-slip handle, it feels substantial. This product should not be used with strong detergents.

Block set includes

  • 8” chef knife
  • 8” bread knife
  • 5” Santoku knife
  • 5.5” Serrated utility knife
  • 4” utility knife
  • 3.5” paring knife
  • Six 4.5” steak knives
  • All-purpose shear
  • 5 measuring spoons
  • 3 spatulas
  • Wood cutlery block


  • Sharp and durable knife quality
  • Tiny serrated texture for more efficient cutting
  • The most pieces on the list
  • Firm handle
  • Convenient accessories included


  • Not include sharpener

Top 10. Cookit ‎Part_B08D8Y89S4 Steel Knife Block Set with Sharpener

Part B08D8Y89S4 Cookie B08D8Y89S4 Cookie B08D If you’re looking for inexpensive yet high-quality kitchen utensils, the Knife Block Set is a set you shouldn’t overlook. The set comprises 15 knives and scissors in various shapes and sizes for use in the kitchen. The block is constructed of wood with very attractive and compact veins that do not take up a lot of kitchen counter space.

Despite the fact that blades come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are always honed to be exceptionally lustrous and sharp. This set also includes 6 distinct steak knives so that your entire family can eat excellent steaks in style. You can effortlessly handle things like veggies, fruits, and meat with them. The product’s handle is composed of hard plastic and is durable. It is tapered and lengthy in shape, making it more pleasant to grasp.

Block set includes

  • 8″ Chef Knife
  • 8″ Bread Knife
  • 8″ Slicing Knife
  • 7″ Santoku Knife
  • 5″ Utility Knife
  • 3.5″ Paring Knife
  • Kitchen Scissors
  • Knife Sharpener
  • Six 5″ Steak Knife
  • Pine Wooden Block


  • 15-piece block set
  • Cheap
  • The knife has a variety of blades and sharpness
  • Firm handle


  • Not dishwasher safe

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Knife Block Set Canada

There are many factors to choose the best knife block set in Canada.

Best Knife Block Set Canada Reviews


Knives can also be made from various materials

  • Stainless steel – This is one of the most common materials used to make modern-day kitchen knives. It is lightweight which makes it easy to use and maneuver; however, this material can get rust if not taken care of properly.
  • Carbon steel – This kind of material contains a percentage of carbon in them which makes them comparable to stainless steel knives. They are easier to sharpen and they can hold their edge for a longer period of time than the stainless steel ones; however, one major downside is that they tend to corrode easily.
  • Ceramic – A ceramic knife set is often made from zirconium oxide or titanium oxide which makes them very hard and keeps them resistant to corrosion – However, they are not as sharp as the other two types of knives.
  • Titanium – These knives are similar to ceramic ones in terms of their properties; however, they can be harder than steel.

Comfort and Safety

There are certain sets that include blades that come with safety features such as a sheath or an extension of the handle. These types of knives may be more expensive than the regular ones; however, they can offer better comfort and safety to those who use them.

Durability and Maintenance

The material used to make the knife set that you want to buy should also be taken into consideration – In general, the best knife set should be made from a material that is very durable and rust-resistant. Also, it should be easy to maintain – By this, you are expected to be able to sharpen your knives easily without needing any professional help.

Number of Utensils Included

Another factor that you need to consider is the number of utensils that are available in the set. Most knife block sets would include knives that vary in size, shape, and purpose; however, not all of them will contain utensils for all types of cooking.


Of course, you need to consider your budget as well – Keep in mind that high-quality knife sets are often more expensive than regular ones. If you want to buy one that is within your budget range, then you should scour the market well and compare prices before making a purchase.

Other Accessories

There are some knife block sets that may come with other accessories such as cutting boards – Also, if your set comes with sharpeners, then be sure to take note of how well they are made. 

Advantages of The Knife Block Set

A knife block set is a great investment for many reasons.

Protect your knives

They protect the blades of your knives from getting damaged and dulled, they can save space in a cluttered kitchen, and they come with several knives so you don’t have to purchase them separately.

Keep your knives organized

The main advantage of these items is that they can keep your knives organized and in a safe place. If you leave them out on the countertop, then someone may be tempted to grab one and cut themselves or take it into another room where it could get damaged. Having them in a block that is separate from the countertops will help you get rid of the clutter that comes with using knives regularly, and it will keep your kitchen looking nice all of the time.

Keep your blades sharp

The main advantage of having a knife block set is that it helps keep your blades sharp because it holds your knives so they can’t bang into cups or each other to accidentally get dulled by the other blade. If you do not have a knife block you are not only risking damage to your knives but also yourself because most injuries happen in the kitchen.

Save spaces

Another benefit of having a knife block set is that it saves space in the kitchen. What do you do with all your old dull knives? You can’t throw them away, but you definitely aren’t going to keep them around as your primary knife set.

With a knife block set, you don’t need to worry about finding space for those extra knives and you don’t have to worry about the blades getting damaged and dulled in a drawer or cupboard where they can easily bang together and get damaged.

Come with several different knives

Knife with block sets come with several different knives so one purchase can do everything for you. These sets come with steak knives, all-purpose kitchen knives, paring knives, and sometimes even specialty knives like ones for cheese or hamburgers.


Knife block sets are typically affordable for most people who want to invest in one. You will be able to get the benefit of owning one without spending a lot of money. You can find some designs that are even on sale, so you can cut the cost of your set in half or more.

How To Maintain The Quality Of The Best Knife Block Set Canada?

To keep your set sharp and pleasant-looking, you must follow some rules. This article will show you how to maintain the quality of your knife block set.

Keep it dry

The most important rule is to keep your Knife Block Set as dry as possible. Since they are made of wood, water can be fatal for them. Moisture can cause rotting and make wooden parts detach from each other. So, make sure that your Knife Block Set is dry at all times. Of course, you mustn’t put it under the water stream when washing the knives by hand, but putting it for drying under direct sunlight isn’t a good idea either.

No metal

Knives are made of one or a type of steel or carbon alloy. Even though most of them are stainless, they still have quite a bit of metal in them. This fact can be very dangerous for your Knife Block Set! You mustn’t put it together with other utensils that have metallic parts. So, don’t store it near any large appliances or even next to one of the knives. If you do so, the metal from your appliances can react with the knives and harm their surface.


You mustn’t let your knife set get blunt. Sharp knives are a bit more dangerous than dull ones, but they also provide a better result. There is a reason why cooks have so many different types of knives because each has a different purpose. For example, a fillet knife is used to cut the meat into smaller pieces and a kitchen knife for cutting it into even bigger chunks. 

By sharpening each type of your knives separately, you can preserve their original shape and extend their life. Make sure you have a special set of devices, needed for sharpening them which can be bought at a home improvement store.

Cleaning and drying

Using a dishwasher to wash the knives is a bad idea especially if their blades have wooden handles. Dishwasher detergents may severely damage them, so make sure you hand-wash your Knife Block Set instead! To do it properly, use warm water and some dish soap but don’t use harsh or abrasive ones. Then dry it with a clean, soft cloth and let the knives sit for some time so they can completely lose their moisture.

How To Use Knife with Block Set Effectively?

Here’s how you can use best block set for knife Canada effectively:

1. Always handle the set with care, especially when you are taking out the knives. It might damage the tip of blades if you drop them on hard surfaces.

2. Do not ever attempt to force your knife in between slits in order to pry or lift another one. If there is a stuck blade, then it must be brought to the attention of experts to avoid any accidents.

3. If you own a wooden knife with block set, then make sure that you do not use it in the dishwasher. This might damage the wood and result in cracks. Always clean your knives with hot tap water and mild soap before placing them into their slots; dry them with kitchen towels to avoid spotting.

5. If you have a large knife block set, make sure that you do not crowd up the slots. When too many knives are kept together in a small space, they can damage each other as well as leave scratches on their blades.

5. Do not place sharp knives from the block onto cutting boards or countertops with any force as it can damage the blades. Instead, put them on smoothly to avoid any abrasions.

6. If you own a magnetic knife block set, then make sure that it is securely mounted onto your wall or cabinetry to prevent accidents by unsecured knives.

7. Make sure that your knife storage unit is out of reach of children as kids often make mistakes by mishandling kitchen utensils.

8. Always hand wash your knife block set immediately after use to avoid getting stained or ruined with dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To acquire the most valuable information about the best knife block set Canada, follow the commonly asked questions.

How should you always clean your knives after using them?

When you are done using your knives, you should clean them. This is because they can get dirty, and this dirtiness may cause rusting or damage to the blade of the knife. Even if there are no visible marks of dirt on the blade, it’s still possible that something invisible has gotten on it. When this happens, it’s time to clean your knives.

You should use a bit of soap along with warm water when you are washing your knife set after using it. This will help get rid of any dish soap, grease, or oil that may have gotten onto the blade while cutting food. Make sure to dry your knives with a towel before putting them in the block if you have one.

Should I oil my knife block?

Although knife blocks are designed to keep your most important tools safe, there is often debate about whether they should be oiled.

Some knife blocks are made of wood, while others are synthetic. If you own a wooden knife block, it will need to be oiled periodically because the natural material absorbs moisture and can start to swell (and possibly warp).

After prolonged use, your knives can develop rust spots. If you’ve ever oiled a tool (like garden shears), then you know how this step prevents moisture from reaching the blades and causing damage. The same applies to knife blocks: Oil keeps wetness away from the metal of your knives and helps prevent corrosion.

The oil keeps your knife block looking new and prevents it from warping after years of exposure to water and humidity. If you prefer not to use an oil-based product, there are also non-toxic alternatives available on the market designed specifically for wooden kitchen accessories like this one. 

Can you put wet knives in the knife block?

Yes, you can put wet knives in the knife block. This is often done to clean the knives after use, or before putting them away for storage.

It is best to avoid submerging the knife block in water, which may cause it to warp and crack over time. If using a dishwasher, many experts recommend hand-washing the knife block to avoid exposure to dishwasher detergents.

It’s best to take the knives out of the knife block when not in use and dry them off after washing if they were wet. Failure to do so will result in a long time for your knives to air-dry naturally, meaning that their handles may begin to absorb moisture over time and develop a musty smell.


The best knife block set Canada is the origin of many modern kitchens nowadays. They provide convenience and save space at the same time. Thus, they are very popular among people who don’t have enough kitchen space or who like to cook on their own, without much help from others. Most of them consist of 8-10 different knives that can be stored in a special block that is fixed to the wall. The knives are inserted into holes, made especially for them. This way they can be easily reached and blocked from falling down.
What are the best knife block set in Canada?

Henckels, Statement 12-pc, Knife Set with Block, Chef Knife, Bread Knife, Knife Sharpener, Steak Knife Set

C $261.99
as of June 16, 2024 7:23 am


  • Set includes 3" Paring Knife, 7" Santoku Knife Hollow Edge, 8" Chef's Knife, 8" Bread Knife, Six 4.5" Steak Knife, Sharpening Steel, and Hardwood Block
  • Fabricated from high-quality stainless steel
  • Single-piece, precision-stamped blade construction provides durability
  • Professional, satin-finished blade boasts precision cutting and is finely honed for long-lasting sharpness
  • Lightweight, full tang design yields maximum maneuverability

Choosing the best knife block set in Canada can be a daunting task. There are so many options and so much information to take in! But, we’ve done some of the work for you by narrowing down your choices. We looked at thousands of customer reviews and ratings to find which knives were most popular among consumers and ranked them accordingly. Based on some criteria our top choices would be the Henckels ‎13550-012 and Cuisinart C77BTR-15P from famous brands whose quality is unquestionable!

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