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How To Use Power XL Air Fryer – Step by Step 

Looking to buy a Power XL Air Fryer? In this blog post, we will teach you how to use power xl air fryer to make healthy, crispy food. We’ll also provide tips on how to get the most out of your air fryer. Happy cooking!

how to use power xl air fryer
use power xl air fryer

How To Use Power XL Air Fryer Step by Step

Step 1: Connect The Energy Source

How To Use Power XL Air Fryer

Ensure to connect your air fryer to the energy source and then turn it on before using it for the first time after purchasing the product. This step will already assist you in determining whether or not there is a problem with the unit that requires immediate care.

Step 2: Insert The Tray

How To Use Power XL Air Fryer

Insert the basket or tray inside the container. This metal rack ought to be put into the slot which feels snug when correctly. It could require a little jiggling since it is conceivable that some of the pieces are still coming into place.

Step 3: Attach The Handle Of The Frying Basket

How To Use Power XL Air Fryer

The basket will be a place you will place the food to cook; however, before doing so, you should ensure that the handle is attached to one of the basket’s sides. Then it’s time for you to place the items into the tray or basket you created before.

If necessary, the food should be sliced into bite-size pieces, as anything bigger than the size of the bite  may not cook appropriately in this air fryer.

Step 4: Place The Basket Into The Main Item Again

How To Use Power XL Air Fryer

The food has been safely contained within the basket, and now it is time to place the basket into the air fryer.

Please make sure that you have to turn the power off before proceeding with this step since, if it hasn’t been done earlier, now will be a great time to do it before reinstalling anything.

Step 5: Cook Your Food!

How To Use Power XL Air Fryer

Now, your food has been placed in its proper location, it is time to heat your air fryer by hitting the start button. Some foods should be cooked in less or more time than other foods, depending on what you’re cooking, and then you will modify the cooking time to suit your personal preferences.

Once the cooking timer goes over, don’t lift the lid since doing so will interrupt the hot air while the cooking process. Cooking time is complete when the meat appears to have been completely cooked or possibly even made your food crispier.

Step 6: Clean Up

How To Use Power XL Air Fryer

It is essential to exercise caution when taking anything from the oven after cooking since it may be hot. Its metal rack is also quite hot, so avoid touching it at all costs, as you might quickly burn yourself.

Please make sure that the main unit is disconnected before you clean up to store it. This step is essential to use the Power XL air fryer correctly.

Step 7: Reassemble

It is necessary to reinstall any removed parts for cooking reasons in their original locations. During usage, it’s possible that some pieces were dislodged; reattach them to their original positions.

Step 8: Storage

The last step in learning Powerxl air fryer how to use. Store at a location where interested youngsters will not get it because the device heats up when in use.

Putting everything away is not required, but it is recommended that you do so and place each element that was removed for cooking and cleaning in its allotted storage location.

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Cleaning Tips on Power XL Air Fryer

  • Before cleaning your air fryer, make sure it is unplugged.
  • Wait until it has completely cooled before you begin cleaning it.
  • Always refer to the instruction handbook before proceeding. In the handbook, you’ll find instructions particular to the brand. Please carefully follow the steps outlined below.
  • Avoid using cleaning products that include harsh chemicals. You won’t need any heavy-duty cleaning products.
  • Make use of the proper cleaning equipment. Use sponges, microfiber cloths, and soft brushes to remove the dirt. Avoid using steel or harsh brushes on your appliance since they may scratch and harm it.
  • When cleaning in your oven’s tight or narrow places, you may utilize foam brushes or straw cleaners to get the job done faster.

The Advantage Points Of The Power XL Air Fryer

  1. The Big Basket

The basket within this particular air fryer is so significant is one of the primary reasons, so many people adore it. Choosing a 7-quart model will allow you to fit many fried pickles and chicken tenders into it.

2. Preheating Quickly

The warmup time for this air fryer is about three minutes. It is far quicker than any other oven. You may prepare air-fried appetizers before your oven reaches temperature and serve them immediately.

3. Simple Display And Intuitive Controls

The operation of this air fryer is straightforward and uncomplicated. The power and control buttons are straightforward to recognize and use (here’s a breakdown of what each button does). While the manufacturer recommended that you go through the documentation before using it at home, you won’t have to spend much time doing so because the instructions are simple.

4. Browning Power

Even though this simple approach helps air-fried delicacies gain a bit more color, we also know that air fryers don’t always produce the same golden hues as a regular fryer in some cases.

5. Cleaning Up Easily 

Using nonstick coating on both the tray and basket makes cleanup a breeze once you’ve finished cooking up some of your favorite foods. When you’re finished, apply these air fryer cleaning instructions.

Some FAQS about Power XL air fryer

  1. Can You Put The Frozen Food In The PowerXL Air Fryer Without First Defrosting Them?

Yes! This air fryer will eliminate the need to defrost frozen items before cooking them in the air fryer.

2 Do You Need To Preheat The PowerXL Air Fryer?

Not necessary. You do not have to wait for it to heat up before you begin using it because the machine heats up practically immediately after turning it on.

3. Does This Air Fryer Require To Use Oil While Air Frying?

Thanks to using superheated air to fry the food, It is unnecessary to use oil when air frying. However, you may add flavor to your meal by spraying or coating it with oil as you see fit. It is not recommended to pour oil straight into the device.

4. How many watts is the Power XL Air Fryer? What does this mean for cooking times and settings?

Most air fryers have a wattage between 200-400. The higher the number, the faster it will heat up. This means you’ll need to adjust your time/temperature accordingly! Always start with less time and a lower temperature to ensure your food doesn’t burn.

5. Can I cook frozen foods in my Power XL Air Fryer?

  • Yes – just follow these simple steps:
  •  Preheat air fryer for 3 minutes on 370 F / 188 C.
  • Place frozen foods in the basket making sure they aren’t touching each other too much (if they’re sticking together, separate them with a fork or knife).
  • Cook for the recommended time.

6. What cookbook/ recipe book came included?

There is no recipe book included with your Power XL Air Fryer – you can download all of our recipes from the ‘Recipes’ tab on their website! You do get a quick start guide and instruction booklet though, which will give you tips and tricks.

7. How does preheating work in an air fryer? For best results:

Preheat for 3 minutes at 370 F / 188 C (or according to your model’s instructions). Ensure that the basket is inside and close lid; this heats up the oil so food won’t stick to other such as the top and bottom of the machine.

8. How long can I keep food in an air fryer before it gets cold?

It depends on the temperature settings, unit wattage and volume of your particular Air Fryer. Generally speaking you should serve your food straight away – while it’s still hot and crispy!

9. Can I cook frozen fries/ chips in my Power XL Air Fryer?

Yes, but please remember that frozen foods take a little longer to cook than fresh!

10. Do I need to add any oil when cooking with my Power XL Air Fryer?

It is optional for some recipes, but if you do add oil make sure not to overfill. Recipes may vary depending on brand/model so always checking before adding oil is best!


The Philips Power XL air fryer is a powerful appliance that can help you cook your food quickly and easily. This guide will show you how to use Power XL air fryer so that you can get the best results for your cooking needs.


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