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Top 6 The Best Places to Retire In Ontario

Are you looking for the best places to retire in Ontario?

Choosing to retire in Ontario can be a difficult decision. There are many great places to retire, each with their own unique benefits and drawbacks. This blog post will outline the best places to retire in Ontario based on factors such as affordability, healthcare availability, and climate. We hope this information will help you make the best choice for your retirement. Thank you for reading!

best places to live in ontario for retirees
places to live in ontario for retirees

List of Best Places to Retire in Ontario

#1. Peterborough: Population – 78,698, Area – 343.4 km²

Best Places to Retire In Ontario
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In Peterborough, Ont., a city on the Otonabee River about 100 kilometres northeast of Toronto, local culture and nature blend together as seamlessly as this community blends into retirement living. You can investigate historic sites such as City Hall — which was built in 1834 — or tour an art gallery showcasing works by artists such as Emily Carr and A.J. Casson, or explore the Museum of Steam and Technology, which is dedicated to preserving Canada’s industrial history.

The city has a deep appreciation for the arts: it offers more than 60 musical groups and choral societies and an annual jazz festival in July, not to mention theatrical productions staged by community theatre groups.

But it isn’t just the arts that make Peterborough a sought-after destination for retirees; locals also marvel at their surroundings, noting that nature’s beauty during all four seasons provides an ideal backdrop to retirement life. The city is surrounded by hills and ponds including Little Lake Park, which is teeming with wildlife and local retailers sell items made from maple syrup tapped locally throughout the colder months.

No matter where you choose to live in Peterborough, your daily activities will be less than 10 kilometres away: downtown destinations such as City Hall (median housing price $353,000), Synergy Place (median price $111,000) or Lansdowne Place (median price $325,500) — are within five kilometres of anywhere else in the city.

#2. Stratford: Population – 30,886, Area – 26.95 km²

With its stunning beauty and two world-renowned theatre festivals — one each spring and fall — Stratford, Ont., has earned itself an enviable position on the map among retirement destinations. Locals note that this is a place where age doesn’t define culture or community; instead, it’s about an appreciation for art and ideas that makes this town so special.

Best Places to Retire In Ontario

With more than 70 live theatrical performances taking place throughout the year at venues including the Avon Theatre, Tom Patterson Theatre and Studio Theatre, you’re bound to find something that appeals to your particular interests — whether you’re interested in drama or comedy or want to take in a musical production.

In addition to an abundance of culture, Stratford offers a variety of unique recreational opportunities for those seeking a healthier lifestyle during retirement. Arthur Miller would probably approve: the city has 30 kilometres of trails and is home to four major parks, five smaller neighbourhood green spaces and a section of Elbow Park Natural Area — a ravine with nine hectares of forest boasting mature trees and spectacular views.

Stratford welcomes approximately 100,000 visitors annually for theatre-related purposes — but it also wants them to stick around afterward to experience the beauty that surrounds this place. In fact, you don’t have to go far from town limits in order to enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing or cross-country skiing.

#3. Windsor: Population – 336,000, Area – 146.3 km²

Best Places to Retire In Ontario

It may be close Detroit, Mich., but Windsor, Ont., is a charming city in its own right — and one of the most affordable places to retire in Ontario. When you’re looking for an active lifestyle without having to pay sky-high prices, this place may be just what you need.

Windsor offers local activities that are perfect for keeping minds nimble while bodies are staying fit. Seniors can attend events at Korah Shrine or learn more about UFOs with the Windsor Essex UFO Society. They can also volunteer their time through organizations such as the National Research Council of Canada, which offers programs designed to help seniors retain skills they have acquired over the years by helping them mentor younger generations.

The Windsor can be considered as the best places to retire in ontario that you may want to add to your final decision.

The waterfront setting means most people spend their days outdoors during warmer months — whether it’s relaxing on the boardwalk or admiring the stunning views of the Detroit skyline. Windsor is also home to a number of outdoor amenities that allow residents to enjoy activities such as biking, walking, running and kiteboarding at their leisure.

#4. Niagara on the Lake: 17,511 people, Area – 132.8 km²

What you’ll pay around here: $324,836 for a three-bedroom bungalow in Niagara on the Lake’s North End district. Prices for detached homes range from $243,750 to $471,250 depending on location and features.

If you’re looking for a reliable investment during your golden years without having to give up all your creature comforts, you can’t go wrong with Niagara on the Lake’s scenic charm and quaint downtown area — which conveniently provides all your day-to-day amenities.

Cost of living: Niagara on the Lake offers a very affordable cost of living compared to other places in Ontario. The overall cost for housing and utilities is $1,585 per month (compared to $1,671 province-wide), which gets you a detached three-bedroom bungalow with about 914 square feet of space and two parking spaces. Utilities such as water and garbage collection would cost an extra $123 per month; if you need internet service, it’s not included in that price and will set you back another $70 per month at the very least.

Where to shop: Located along the highway heading north out of town, there are several strip malls offering stores like Giant Tiger, Winners and Farmers Market.

What to do: If you’re looking for an active lifestyle in retirement where you can enjoy physical activities like golfing, fishing or swimming year-round in the great outdoors, then this is the place for you. Seniors living in Niagara on the Lake will also find several pubs in town that host regular bingo nights — so your days of playing mini-games with friends don’t have to end once they put up the “closed” sign at the mall.

The township’s two hospitals provide plenty of opportunities to stay connected with others during your golden years while making it easy to get access any medical care without having to drive long distances. Of course, if weather permits most people spend their time outdoors — whether it’s golfing, fishing or taking part in one of the local festivals.

Niagara-on-the-Lake also takes full advantage of its setting by providing seniors with several outdoor activities like boating, hiking and biking at their leisure. The township is home to a number of trails that are perfect for bike lovers looking to take in all nature has to offer while staying active in retirement.

#5. Owen Sound, Ont: 21,341 people, Area – 24.22 km²

What you’ll pay around here: $274,000 for a three-bedroom bungalow in Owen Sound’s east side district; prices range from $258,000 to $450,000 depending on features and location. A condo will cost you anywhere from $191,500 up to $220,000.

Although Owen Sound isn’t the biggest city in Ontario but it is the best small towns in ontario to retire, its quaint downtown area is perfect for those looking to live close to amenities without having to break the bank. The waterfront setting means most people spend their days outdoors during warmer months — whether it’s relaxing on the boardwalk or admiring the stunning views of the Detroit skyline. Seniors living in this part of town will find a number of outdoor amenities that allow them to enjoy activities such as biking, walking and kiteboarding at their leisure while staying active throughout retirement.

Cost of living: Utilities cost $1,079 per month (compared to $1,671 province-wide) which gets you about 900 square feet of space and two parking spaces if you get a detached bungalow. Condo fees depend on the size of your unit and whether it has a pool, but you should expect to pay about $275 per month. If you need internet access in retirement, plan on spending an additional $70 for at least a basic package — if not more.

Where to shop: The largest mall closest to Owen Sound is Georgian Mall in Barrie which is about 40 minutes away from Owen Sound. For other pretty large malls try Erin Mills Town Centre Mississauga or Sheridan Park Brampton about 45 minutes away from Owen Sound.

What to do: In addition to its beautiful water views that provide plenty of opportunities for boating and fishing, the city offers several parks with walking trails so seniors can enjoy outdoor activities at their own pace. It also hosts a number of art and theatre festivals throughout the year so you can stay connected with the community and enjoy some culture all in one go. The area is home to several golf courses as well as the Brucedale Conservation Area that has plenty of trails for those who love to spend time biking or hiking in retirement.

#6. Kingston, Ont: Population – 136,685, Area – 450.4 km²

What you’ll pay around here: A three-bedroom bungalow will cost about $266,000; price range for a condo without parking is between $200,000 and $250,000 while a place with its own underground parking spot costs upwards of $389,000.

Cost of living: Utilities cost around $1,074 per month (compared to $1,671 province-wide) which gets you about 700 square feet of space.

Some people reported that the Kingston is the cheapest place to retire in ontario.

Kingston is a great place for seniors looking to retire in Ontario due to its close proximity to attractions like downtown Toronto, Niagara Falls and Montreal. The city boasts plenty of trails that are perfect for biking or hiking while the views along Lake Ontario provide countless opportunities for boating and water activities in general. Seniors living in Kingston will find it easy to stay active throughout retirement without having to travel far from home, whether it’s through playing golf at their leisure or taking part in one of the many festivals that take place during summer months.

Toronto has something for everyone — including fun things you would never expect — so if you’re looking for an unforgettable retirement, this is the place to be. You can also visit Yorkville — one of the hippest neighbourhoods in the city — where you’ll find upscale boutiques and restaurants.

Where to shop: The largest mall closest to Kingston is South Keys Centre in Ottawa which is about 100 minutes away from Kingston. It has over 200 stores with most that are fashion retailers or department stores. Other malls close by include Bayshore Shopping Centre Ottawa (40 min), CF Rideau Centre Ottawa (50 min), Dixie Outlet Mall Mississauga (45 min), Appleby Village Burlington (also 45 min).

What to do: As Canada’s oldest city, Kingston has plenty of attractions that provide unique opportunities for seniors looking for a fun and active retirement. The city also hosts a number of festivals throughout the year — including its famous winter carnival where on average more than 20,000 people turn out for each event — so you won’t have to look far to connect with fellow retirees and enjoy some culture even in your early years.


After reading this blog post, you should now know the best places to retire in Ontario. Whether it be for an active adult or a senior citizen looking for luxury living, Ontario has something that will fit your needs.

While many people may think of Niagara when they hear about retirement homes and communities, there are also beautiful locations like Muskoka Lakes near Huntsville that provide peace with nature while still being close enough to amenities in larger townships.

You can’t go wrong choosing one of these top destinations for best retirement communities in ontario; if you’re not sure where to start your search check out our website!

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